Successfully positioning our brand through written communications means considering both the message and the manner in which it is delivered. Reference the following editorial and stylistic guidelines when writing about Hermosillo.


Writing and speaking about Hermosillo begins with understanding our brand’s personality, which is rooted in our unique company culture. A culture that’s built on strong values – honesty, integrity, teamwork, a focus on family – and an innate desire to do good work. We approach each opportunity with deliberate thoughtfulness and joy. A people-first mentality is a hallmark of our company and this empathetic sentiment should be pervasive in your communications.


The Hermosillo brand voice conveys the confidence and authority that comes with being an industry leader. We speak clearly and with certainty, sharing our knowledge, expertise, and values in a professional, but conversational voice.

Our tone is warm and personal—never cold and corporate. Remember, people are at the heart of what we do. We are appealing to both their cognitive reasoning and their emotional needs. Strive for the tone of your writing to be:


Reflecting industry thought leadership, but never boastful or sarcastic


Compelling statements, but bold claims are always substantiated with facts


Adopting contemporary terminology, but avoiding social media shorthand or slang


Thoughtfully approachable and purposeful


Succinct and clear messages that are never salesy


Our elevator pitch is external messaging deliberately crafted to instill confidence in our capabilities and claim our position as an industry leader.

“If you’re an international company looking to build in Mexico, choosing the right GC for your job is essential. Hermosillo is the country’s leading design/build construction company. With more than 50 years of experience and a robust portfolio of successful international projects, Hermosillo is the #1 resource for companies looking to build in Mexico.

Using state-of-the-art technology, modern systems and the expertise of our dedicated team members, we‘re able to navigate local requirements and bring each client’s vision to life. Our core values—quality, honesty, and integrity—are the foundation of our projects and of the enduring relationships we’ve built with our clients, partners and suppliers.”

A tiered framework of secondary messages substantiates our elevator pitch. Contact to request our comprehensive Messaging and Positioning Framework.


Our tagline succinctly captures the foundation of what makes us Mexico’s leading design/build construction company: our experience. The tagline has a strong, confident tonality and should accompany our brand identity on all marketing communications intended to explain our purpose and value.

Putting It All Together

Consider the following tips when writing about Hermosillo.

English is the international language of business.

As a bi-lingual company, we embrace the language in which our customers are most comfortable. When writing in English, be especially vigilant about grammar and spelling. Ask a colleague to proof your work whenever possible.

Keep complex business speak to a minimum.

With an international audience, English may be the secondary language of your audience, so avoid overly complex phrasing:

We wish to leverage a higher utilization of the full range of resources.

We propose using more resources.

Use active, not passive, sentence construction to reflect the momentum of our company.

Passive construction usually requires more words and delivers a less-than-energetic tone.
With passive construction, the true subject of the sentence receives the action. With active construction, the subject of the sentence performs the action.

A groundbreaking is being hosted by Hermosillo.

Hermosillo is hosting a groundbreaking.

Use the following terms with care and consistency:

uses slash (“/”) and only capitalize if at the beginning of a sentence

always hyphenate

when referencing general contractor, always use the full term before using this common abbreviation